TRB Concierge Services FAQ

 What is your Mission Statement?

Our Mission is to ascertain needs, adjust our paradigm, and achieve divine results for our clients, and ourselves.

What is the price of your service?

It depends. We charge a per-transaction fee, plus costs. Our fee's start at $19.99.


Why do you not have a .com or regular web address?

In order to keep our costs down, and pass those savings to our clients, we have opted to use any and all free methods available.

We have a large corporate outing to plan, can we give you our ideas and have you set up all the arrangements?

Of course.  We will take your ideas, and add our experience and knowledge of the area and vendors to make a complete outing.  Once the outing is outlined we will contact you for you approval before any arrangements are made.


My wife and I are flying to Atlanta in a couple of months for our 25th anniversary. We want to spend one evening in the finest restaurant, with the best food and wine, followed by the finest evening's entertainment. What can you do for us?

You give us the details, arrival date time and other relevant details and we guarantee you will have an enchanted anniversary.

I have a 8 year old boy who wants a party his friends will always remember, is this something you can help me with?  I have little time to set up such an event.

From bounce houses to water slides, clowns or petting animals included.  No matter how large or small your party is your child will remember it forever.  Give us the dates and details, and rest assured party day will have the whole neighborhood talking.

What are your policies or conditions?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page.